Spirit Pot with Labradorite

Spirit Pot with Labradorite


Spirit Pots. What are they? A handmade clay pot to feed your soul. Fired in a makeshift pit firing using a variety of combustable color aiding materials, these pots are fired on a new or full moon.

Use them as gratitude or dream pots- affirmation pots on a new and full moon- a Moon Pot! Keep small pieces of paper to write a word on and feed it to your pot. Do it daily, if it calls to you or reserve it for a new moon or full moon or both. At the end of the year revisit your affirmations and complete the solar cycle with a fire to burn away the old and make space for the new.

Or let the spirit of your smudge smoke be held in it post cleansing.

This particular one has a mesquite stick wrapped in copper wire with labradorite both raw and small chips encircled in a moon. Labradorite is a powerful stone assisting in changes and transformation strengthening intuition and raising consciousness. Finished with a duck feather I found walking around a pond- this Spirit Pot has many tones and hues of color. 

Blessings all around.

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