Amaretti: Sample Pack

Amaretti: Sample Pack


Need to try a sample pack to decide whether you would like to order these for a baby blessing, party, wedding or birthday favor? Three flavor sample packs available for you to try within ARIZONA only.

Eco-friendly, certified bio-degradable transparent packaging where beauty and the earth are both not compromised. Organic, non-gmo and when possible, locally sourced ingredients.

Amaretti’s ship very well and have a decent shelf life for freshly baked cookies without preservatives.

Choose a bag of three cookies in multiple flavors:

Cardamom Rose


Orange Blossom


Lemon Cherry

Please use code TUCSONLOCAL for Tucson PICK UP . Message me for details before purchasing.

Choose Shipping option: “Sample Pack” when ordering 4 or less bags with USPS priority mail shipping. Choose ‘Amaretti’s” under shipping for more than 4 bags or for multiple items choose a flat rate medium or flat rate large shipping option. Thank you.

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